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  • For AirTAC, August 9th was not only a joyful day but also a new milestone in the history of AirTac. On this special day, people celebrated the grand opening of another overseas subsidiary of AirTAC - AirTAC Co. Ltd, Osaka, Japan.

    Both Chairman Mr. Wang and the CEO Mr. Lin of AirTAC International Group attended the opening ceremony in person. There were thirty guests joined the opening ceremony and the ribbon-cutting ceremony including agencies like Otake Seiki, MISUMI, YASUI, A-TAC, TOYOTSU and Osaka Prefectural Government, Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor, Osaka Business and Investment Center, Business Line, Osaka Shimbunsha.

    Japan is the major producer and demander of pneumatic components; hence the needs towards pneumatic components in Japanese market are not less than the needs in China. The goal of AirTAC Co. Ltd is to be the essential hub of AirTAC regarding overseas sales, and be responsible for products selling, market expanding, channel distribution and brand building in Japan.