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  • The amount of new loans of The amount of new loans of funds by the public company or its subsidiaries reaches NT$10 million or more, and reaches 2 percent or more of....
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  • Company code: 1590
    No: 3
    Subject: The amount of additional funds lending to single company reaches NTD 10 million and exceeds 2% of Airtac international group's net worth
    Date of events: 2012/8/22
    Contents: 1.Date of occurrence of the event: 2012/8/22
    2.Name of the company who receive the monetary loans, its relationship to the Company who extend the loans, ceiling amount on the monetary loans extended, amount of loans originally extended, amount of the current additional loans, whether or not the board of directors authorize the chairperson to give loans for the borrowing counterparty; total extended amount of loans and the reason for loans as of the date of occurrence of the event: NINGBO AIRTAC AUTOMATIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
    3.Content and value of collaterals provided by the loan recipient, if any: None
    4.Capital and Accumulated profit/loss of the loan recipient according to its latest financial report:
    Capital (thousand dollars): NTD1,141,830; Accumulated profit (thousand dollars):1,451,863.
    5.Method of calculation of interest: USD: 1 year SIBOR+1%; CNY: 3%.
    6.Terms/conditions and date for repayment: According to the contract.
    7.The Company’s total amount of monetary loans extended as of the date of occurrence of the event (thousand dollars): NTD1,963,451
    8.The ratio of the total amount of monetary loans extended to the Company’s net worth on its most recent financial statements as of the date of occurrence of the event: 39.03
    9.Sources of funds to extend monetary loans to others: Parent company
    10.Any other matters that need to be specified:
    (1) Above the original amount in foreign currencies, the exchange rates are the same with holding the board of directors on Aug. 22nd.
    (2)The amount of capital and accumulated gain/loss are both from the latest financial statements of the accepting monetary loan company.