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  • Hopeful Outlook Succeeding 22 Years' Achievement

                                 ---AirTAC Group Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation


    Succeeding 22 years' achievements, a hopeful outlook for future growth is expected. AirTAC International Group (hereafter referred to as "AirTAC"), the largest Chinese manufacturer for pneumatic components, was listed (stock code: 1590) on Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC) on December 13, 2010. As the first listed manufacturer in pneumatic industry in Chinese Communities, AirTAC enters the capital market in Taiwan depending on its outstanding performance and will expand its multi-cultural and international business as a new typical member. 


    Executives of AirTAC and related agents, partners, subcontractors and social media etc. were present at the ceremony at TSEC on the morning of December 13.


    Xue Ji, president of TSEC, gave a speech and sang high praise for AirTAC's operational achievement, particular for its high rate of margin, which was near 57% by the end of the third season, very outstanding in recent years, not only in traditional industries, but also among the listed enterprises. In addition, Mr. Xue thought highly of charity activities which AirTAC launched in Taiwan and the mainland of China and said that more charities should be done by other enterprises to pay back to the society.


    Wang Shizhong, president of AirTAC, also made a speech. Mr. Wang showed his humor even while he was walking along the three steps. Mr. Wang said, "I have walked on the steps now, but it took me 22 years to do it!" The humorous words made the visitors burst into laughter. He added, that over more than 20 years' development, AirTAC has made some achievement depending on the support from the society, and there is still a long road for AirTAC to explore. Mr. Wang expressed, that for the future growth, the Company would continue to invest in research and development and expand its productive capacity and would set foot on hydraulic industry to achieve an ongoing growth.


    At nine o'clock A.M., Mr. Xue, Mr. Wang and other executives etc. beat a drum to celebrate and announced the start of a new stage and new era for AirTAC. 22 years' efforts had been paid back. It is expected that, as the leader in Chinese pneumatic industry, AirTAC will aim at the multi-cultural and international outlook for the future and make more achievements by depending on the wide capital market in Taiwan, its professional technologies and the executives' long-sighted strategies.