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  • On June 10, 2011, a full announcement made by People's Court of Shanghai Putong New Area (hereinafter referred to as Pudong Court) was published on the second page of "China Industry and Commerce Newspaper". Pudong Court delivered a statement in "China Industry and Commerce Newspaper" due to Shanghai AirTAC Automatic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai AirTAC) non-performing duty defined by the verdict---publishing a statement in "China Industry and Commerce Newspaper" to eliminate the effects to Ningbo Automatic Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Airtac Ningbo) caused by trademark infringement and illicit competition and to announce the content of the verdict.  


    Shanghai AirTAC is known for counterfeiting the trademark of Ningbo AirTAC enterprise and conducting illicit competition. It casted itself as "AirTAC" since its setting up, which confused the public and harmed customers’ legal right and interest. In July 2009, AirTAC Ningbo appealed to Pudong Court toward Shanghai Airtac’s trademark infringement and illicit competition, demanding Shanghai Airtac to cease conducting the trademark infringement and illicit competition toward Airtac Ningbo, to change the company name, to deliver an apology and to compensate for the economic loss. On July 10th, 2009, Pudong Court made (2009) the first No. 291 civil judgment of No. 3 Pudong Civil Court (court of intellectual property), determining that Shanghai Airtac did commit the trademark infringement and illicit competition toward Airtac Ningbo, should change the company name and publish a statement in the newspaper to eliminate ill effects for Airtac Ningbo. Shanghai Airtac refused to accept the first instant judgment, appealing to Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court, which made (2010) the final No.221 civil judgment of the No. 5 civil court (court of intellectual property) in Oct. 22, 2010, rejecting the appeal and affirming the original judgment.


    As a core production base of Airtac International Group, Airtac Ningbo is a leading supplier of pneumatic components and its products with brands 亚德客AirTAC” and “AirTAC” are well-known for high quality and perfect after service. The brand 亚德客AirTAC” was honored as Famous Trademark in Ningbo, Famous Trademark in Zhejiang Province and famous-brand product in Zhejiang Province, which is the fruit of hard work by the chairman Mr. Wang Shih Chung and 3,000 staff. Trademark infringement of 亚德客AirTAC” happens more and more frequently as the brand becomes more and more famous. And Shanghai Airtac is a typical example.


    Imitating famous brands is a necessary outcome of the market economy. A growth of a famous brand would attract a lot of imitators and followers. Enterprises have to consider and face the questions like how to protect their brands and customers’ rights and interests and how to maintain a good market order. Airtac International Group has a firm determination to insist on developing its own brand and will not ignore any infringement of “亚德客AirTAC”, but struggle against it.