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  • Crisis Is the Key to Strength-- Mr. Hu Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the NingBo Municipal Committee, Inspects the AirTAC NingBo Factory
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  • On the morning of November 1, 2018, Mr. Hu Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the NingBo Municipal Committee and United Front Minister, accompanied by Mr. Zhang Wenbin, Chairman of Fenghua District, and the other 13 leaders visited AirTAC NingBo factory. Wang Haiming, deputy chairman of NingBo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd., received the visiting guests.


    During this period, deputy chairman Wang Haiming accompanied Standing Committee Hu to visit the product exhibition hall, and made a report on the current situation of AirTAC's business development, machine replacement and transformation, investment in scientific and technological innovation, expansion of the new industrial park and future development planning.


    Standing Committee Hu highly recognized AirTAC's value concept and management concept, and highly affirmed the enterprise's confidence in itself. Pneumatic components belong to the basic components of China's strong foundation projects. Pneumatic industry is one of the key supporting industries of "China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025" and one of the eight subdivisions of Ningbo's "3511" industry investment-oriented catalogue, and has broad prospects. After years of settling and accumulating, AirTAC has certain advantages. Standing Committee Hu hoped that enterprises will turn crisis into opportunity and accumulate steadily under the situation of macroeconomic downward pressure.


    Standing Committee Hu and deputy chairman Wang also exchanged views on the training and excavation of practical and skilled talents. Retaining talents depends on the industrial environment, which requires the cooperation of enterprises and governments, in order to achieve the goal of joint development of talents, enterprises and industries.