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  • Experts from the Fluid Transmission and Control Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society came to AirTAC for an exchange and visit
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  • On September 26, 2018, 10 experts, including Kong Xiangdong ,the vice-president of Yanshan University , director of Fluid Transmission and Control Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and Jiao Zongxia, the vice director of Yanshan University,visited the factory of NingBo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co.,Ltd for an exchange and inspection. Mr. Xiao Yujian, the Vice General Manager of Ningbo AirTAC R&D Center, Dr. Fang Tsinghua, and Mr. Deng Zhijian, the Manager of AirTAC(China)Co.,Ltd Marketing Department, received them warmly.


    At the meeting, the Vice-General Manager Xiao introduced the development of enterprises and the improvement of production technology.The company used machines instead of manual assembly products to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve the working environment.The company gave back benefits and profits to customers, employees and society. Kong Xiangdong exchanged with the Vice-President Xiao on the design, manufacture and development of enterprise automation equipment, and other experts also shared and exchanged views.


    After the meeting, accompanied by the Vice President Xiao, the experts visited the automation workshop of NingBo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co.,Ltd, and highly recognized and affirmed the development of AirTAC.