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  • Training review for first half of 2018 for sales contribution of AirTAC(China)Co,LTD
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  • In order to better cope with the market competition, AirTAC met customer demand. In combination with the practical situation of AirTAC, the related training courses were developed. Training in the first half of 2018 was mainly divided into strengthening staff's professional knowledge and improving their ability to cope with the crisis.


    The internal training courses were mainly product knowledge, military training, sales skills and other supplementary courses. The purpose of the training was to improve the ability of our employees, such as professionalism, teamwork... Besides the course study, the company also organized the practical operation training. The company organized a visit to the factory and product disassembly to deepen students' understanding of the product, such as the construction, principle and application of the product.


    There were seven external training courses in four regions of China. The course was a combination of theory and play. Through this process, sales system staff could feel the necessity and urgency of enterprise system reform. Through the company management simulation game, let students understand that the field processing ability is necessary in the rapidly changing market position.


    Through the above series of training, we not only improved the professional ability of employees, but also effectively stimulated their internal motivation. In the face of new regulations and new situations, employees could accept the change and work with the team to make progress and get better results for the company.