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  • NingBo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co,Ltd has been selected into the national list of single champion enterprises in manufacturing industry and the list of innovative leading enterprises in zhejiang province
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  • Recently, the ministry of industry and information technology of China federation of industrial economy to the second batch of manufacturing single champions enterprise and individual products list for an official announcement, NingBo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co,Ltd has been selected into the listed of single champion breeding enterprises in the manufacturing industry.


    Manufacturing single champion refers to a long-term focus on certain segments of the manufacturing industry,production technology or process in the international leading,single product market share in the world’s leading enterprises.


    As a provider of high-end products and automation solutions in the pneumatic field, AirTAC International Group has been committed to providing the most cost-effective pneumatic products for the automation field for 30 years. In recent years, products of AirTAC International Group have entered new fields such as new energy and rail transit.


    The listed in manufacturing single champion cultivating enterprise, is on the AirTAC International Group's performance, development, innovation and brand influence the height of the recognition and affirmation. AirTAC International Group will take this as an opportunity, on the basis of field to continue efforts to enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing.