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  • AirTAC USA Corporation Starts Operation and Dealer Conference
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  • After a series of thorough preparations, AirTAC International Group’s new branch office in Houston, Texas, has started providing its services to the clients in North America this May. AirTAC USA Corporation not only has a team of professionals stationed in Houston to offer technical support but also has enough inventory in stock. All these guarantee that AirTAC is capable of providing its US partners with a full range of services in the best quality.


    In order to introduce the new branch office and its services to the US clients, AirTAC USA Corporation held a distributor sales meeting on May 4th, 2018 in Houston. This meeting not only piqued the interest of the local distributors but also got the attention of prospect clients from other states. They all attended the meeting to seek possible cooperation with AirTAC in the future.


    In the meeting, the general manager Mr. Chen Jr Jung(陳志忠) and sales manager Su Jian-Yi(蘇建壹) both shared their views on the business plan AirTAC USA Corporation has for the US market, including its sales model, service model and what could be adjusted to cater to the local distributors’ needs. Furthermore, aiming to establish a strong business relationship with the distributors, the AirTAC USA team also invited the managers of its RD department to elaborate the technical support service it’s capable of offering to their clients during the meeting. After that the VP of RD, Mr. Xiao Yu-Jian(蕭裕健), shared with us the change and improvements AirTAC had made on automated production lines throughout the years. The associate general manager, Mr. Liu, Jia-Bing(劉佳斌) gave a presentation about the new product designs of Linear Guides and Electric Actuators. Finally, Mr. Jiang Ting(姜亭), a RD senior manager, topped it off with a talk about the product development direction in the inches specification products.


    The meeting was nicely held, full of insightful views and exhilarating news. It was because of that the distributors responded very well in the meeting, inquired more details about AirTAC’s plan in the American market and showed great interests in establishing partnership with AirTAC.


    Many distributors claimed that they were deeply impressed by AirTAC’s advancement in automated manufacturing systems and had faith in its product development plan, believing this important feature will make AirTAC a competitive brand in the US. Their point of view was strengthened once again after the distributors took a tour to AirTAC USA Corporation’s warehouse where they truly felt AirTAC determination in getting into the US market.