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  • Shenzhen Sewing Industry Association came to AirTAC to exchange interviews
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  • In March 19, 2018, twenty guests of Shenzhen Sewing Industry Association came to Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co. Ltd to exchange interviews.Deputy general manager of the group Li Huaiwen, manager of Guangdong AirTAC Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Dai Jiaxing came to receive the guests.


    During the meeting, deputy general manager of the group Li Huaiwen introduced the development course and future plan of AirTAC International Group. President of the association Han jianding introduced the status of the association and the follow-up development plan, and he hoped the two sides to work closely together. Then President Han jianding gave AirTAC International Group a commemorative plaque on behalf of Shenzhen Sewing Industry Association.


    In the process of technology exchange and new product introduction, the two sides were talking freely and discussing problems together. This deepened understanding and trust between each other.


    In the afternoon, the guests went to the production site, watched advanced technology, sophisticated equipment and excellent management system, and understood the highly automatic production mode.


    The exchange meeting has been successful. This exchange played a positive role in deepening cooperation between the two sides. We hope to promote the exchange mode of trade associations visiting factories. This model will improve the reputation of the company.