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  • “All the way forward”sunshine action party of AirTAC in 2018
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  • Looking back, AirTAC was fruitful; Firm now, AirTAC is full of confidence;Looking to the future, AirTAC will be combative.


    On the evening of 28 January 2018,NingBo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co,Ltd, AirTAC(China)Co,Ltd and partial supplier representative participated in the " All The Way Forward" sunshine action party.


    Mr Gao haomeng, Fenghua district party Committee secretary, Mr Wang Shih-chung, chairman of AirTAC international group, Mr Wang haiming, vice chairman of AirTAC international group , and Mr Li huaiwen, deputy general manager of the group were invited to attend.


    Chairman Wang said that 2018 marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of AirTAC international group, He thanked everyone for their efforts and he wanted the company to reach the goal of output value of more than ten billion On the 35th anniversary.


    Since then, secretary Gao haomeng came to the stage to deliver a speech. He praised the group's devotion to public welfare activities, acknowledged and thanked the group for its economic contribution to Fenghua, and offered wishes for the future development of the group.


    The wonderful programs at the party were overwhelming, including provincial dance troupes and professional performer, pop star and AirTAC employees. The party set up 10 awards, a total of more than 900 prizes, the cumulative amount of up to more than 2 million yuan.


    Finally, the company prepared a fireworks feast for the party on a cold winter night. Charity is a long way to go, not only the needs of society, but also the embodiment of the love of AirTAC colleagues.


    Let's work hand in hand to create a new brilliance for AirTAC.