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  • ——sunshine action starts again of AirTAC in 2018

    In January 2018, large series of charitable activities—“All The Way Forward” sunshine action started again. This activity was organized by four subsidiaries in Ningbo and Huizhou respectively, The four subsidiaries are Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co,Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as " NingYa"); AirTAC(China)Co,Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as " YaZhong"); Guangdong AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co,Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as " GuangYa" and Guangdong AirTAC intelligent equipment Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as " GuangZhi"). AirTAC sent warmth and blessings to more than 1,800 needy families in total.


    On 21 January, the event began in four villages and towns, including Chen Jiang town, Huizhou city, Guangdong province. More than 1,000 colleagues from GuangYa and GuangZhi participated in the event. Mr Li huaiwen, deputy general manager of the group, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony. He expressed his gratitude to his colleagues for their enthusiasm and active contributions.


    The event donated 700,000 yuan to Huizhou city, Guangdong province, and sent 655 needy families supplies such as solatium, quilts, rice and edible oil.


    On 28 January, Ningbo area "All The Way Forward" activities carried out in AirTAC Ningbo plant. The event was jointly organized with the Ningbo Women's Federation and Ningbo Charity Federation. The relevant responsible persons of both parties and more than 4000 colleagues from AirTAC participated in the event.


    Mr Li huaiwen, vice president of the group donated RMB 1.5 million yuan to Ningbo Charity Federation on behalf of AirTAC group for the sympathy of 1150 poor families. Field colleagues also responded positively to the donation to express their thoughts. This was the third time since 2010 AirTAC held a large-scale poverty alleviation sympathy activities in Ningbo city. Mr Chen Yunjin, president of Ningbo Charity Federation, and Ms gu Weiwei, president of Ningbo Women's Federation also expressed their appreciation and participated in the sympathy.


    After the ceremony, the thematic activities " Blood Donation", " Good Neighborhood Community Labor Service", " Love Help" carried at the same time. More than 90 colleagues from Guangdong and 405 colleagues from Zhejiang participated in this voluntary blood donation activity. With a total amount of 148,230 milliliters, it was the highest activity in the past years for AirTAC. At the same time, more than 2700 colleagues who participated in the friendly neighborhood came to the designated location to do their part.


    AirTAC charitable activities have been ongoing since 2002.In line with the charity spirit of " giving fish to others is better than giving fish to others", AirTAC has helped lift tens of thousands of families across the country out of poverty over the years. Hoping that through the continuous growth of the AirTAC, the charity will continue to carry forward and inheritance, so that public welfare charity into everyone's heart.