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  • AirTAC carried out twinning activities in Chen Jia ao village Fenghua city
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  • On the morning of 26 January 2018, in order to thank for the support, AirTAC donated books, fitness equipment and other supplies to Chen Jia ao village and carried out sympathy and assistance activities to the needy people.


    The income of Chen Jia ao village was low. In order to improve the quality of life of the villagers, AirTAC buy new books for library at village activity centre that the villager can borrow books free of charge in their spare time and installed sports fitness equipment to facilitate the the villager daily exercise. In addition to, AirTAC donated 50,000 yuan to the association for the elderly.


    Subsequently, AirTAC staff came to the difficult people's home, brought them condolences and sympathy materials and wished a happy new year ahead of schedule.