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  • 2017 Sales conference and Dealership conference of AirTAC(China)Co, LTD held successfully
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  • On 26 January 2018 to 28 January 2018, 2017 Sales conference Dealership conference of AirTAC(China)Co, LTD held successfully. Mr Wang Shizhong, Group's chairman, Mr Li huaiwen, deputy general manager of the group , many senior executives of AirTAC and agents from all over the country came to this meeting.


    At the meeting, Chairman Wang extended a warmly welcome to the participants, and recognized outstanding dealers. Then, Mr Li Huaiwen acknowledged the hard work of his colleagues in the sales system, and gave a detailed introduction to the future development plan of AirTAC. He hoped that AirTAC will all the way forward to achieve greater breakthroughs and better results.


    After the meeting, Agent friends and AirTAC colleagues attended the sunshine action party to celebrate the successful conclusion of the meeting.