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  • The first talent contest of AirTAC was successfully completed
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  • For the period May - October 2017,the company held three talent competition quarterly. The top six finalists of each season qualify for the annual finals.


    The talent competition forms include singing, dancing, sketches, martial arts, musical instruments, musical sitcoms, poetry readings, etc. The contestants showed their respective abilities, for example: old songs, rap, mechanical dancing, and classical dancing and so on. They had their own characteristics and advantages. At the same time, to ensure fairness and justice, the organizers have developed scientific scoring rules. Players played in draw order. The jury was composed of heads of departments. Scoring criteria included performance skills, stage performance, artistic infection, subject matter, clothing and other factors.


    On the evening of November 22, the annual finals of the talent contest has been held on schedule. Although the weather was cold, all the staff were as enthusiastic as fire. The contestants took out a well-prepared program to prepare an audio-visual feast for the audience. Eventually, Liang Gongping, from production of seven parts in NingBo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co, Ltd, won the championship for mechanical dance - “magic box”. Lin Fangzhu and Wang Chaoyang etc won the runner-up with the sketch -“hour hand”. Zhang Taotao won the third place for singing “Have you all the way”.


    Talent contest was not only a contest of talent, but also a contest of confidence and courage, all colleagues have been provided with a platform to show the style and experience the fun beyond work through this competition. Happily, the match was a great success.


    Quarter player style 1


    Quarter player style 2


    The style of the finalists of the year