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  • New start, new journey - warmly congratulate the opening of AirTAC (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd
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  • On the morning of November 20, 2017, AirTAC (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd held a grand opening ceremony in Tianjin.


    Chairman of AirTAC International Group Wang Shih-chung, General Manager of AirTAC China managing division Li Huaiwen, Sales general manager of north Area of AirTAC(China)Co,LTD Zhou Hongyuan and some government officials attended the ceremony.


    The ceremony began at 9: 58 am. After the exciting opening of the host, the chairman Wang made a speech. He expounded the development of the group in recent years, emphasized the enterprise spirit and core values, and also looked forward the future development of the northern China region. Whereafter the Minister Lee expressed his fervent hope for the future development of AirTAC (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd. Finally, the manager of AirTAC (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd Zhou Peijun expressed the thanks to all guests, and he was full of confidence in the place.


    In the host's warm introduction and expectations, excited applause broke out, the chairman Wang and the other leaders cut the ribbon at 10: 08. With the warmly applause, the opening ceremony of AirTAC (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd has completed successfully. The new aircraft carrier of AirTAC International Group began to sail!