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  • AirTAC International Group launched consolation activities hand in hand with NanHai Women Federation
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  • On August 17, 2017, AirTAC International Group launched consolation activities, which was named "Sunshine Sailing", hand in hand with NanHai Women Federation in the home of green apple. The associate of GuangDong AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co, Ltd Huang Yaode , some leaders of NanHai Women Federation and recipients of single - parent families participated in the event.


    Since 2002, in Guangzhou Liwan, AirTAC International Group established the "AirTAC Charity Foundation" for poor students, laid-off women, single parents and major illness children. As of today, the foundation continuously gave them support more than ten years. Besides, we also established the foundation, 500,000 yuan’s donation a year, in Foshan Nanhai in 2017. It included four major projects, such as housing assistance, medical assistance, student assistance and emotional support.


    Through this activities, AirTAC International Group attempted to help students finishing their studies smoothly by awarding them grants. Meanwhile, AirTAC International Group also carried out a series of parent-child activities to help single mothers getting closer with their children.


    It is hoped that through this kind of activities, we can help single parent family by providing them the opportunities to meet others. Moreover, we expected that we can help people in the future all the time.