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  • Charity Inherited, Love in Tainan
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  • Charity Inherited, Love in Tainan

    -Airtac Sunshine Action held again in Taiwan, 2017

    On January 13th 2017, AirTAC International Group had once again held the"Sunshine" charity activity with the topic "Charity Inherited, Love in Tainan" in Taiwan Tainan AirTAC (hereinafter to be referred as Tainan AirTAC) of AirTAC International Group (hereinafter to be referred as Group), providing warmth and wishes for more than 200 needy families.


    The initiation ceremony started grandly in Tainan AirTAC in the sunshine morning. Group’s chairman Wang Shizhong, Group’s vice chairman Lan shunZheng, Group’s director Wang HaiMing, Group’s independent director Zhang BaoGuang and Lin GuTong, General Manager of AirTAC overseas managing division Lin Jiangdi, General Manager of AirTAC China managing division Li Huaiwen, Chief Financial Officer Cao YongXiang presented. The representatives of Tainan city government and legislators were also presented to congratulate and appreciate.


    During the ceremony, Chairman Wang, who represents AirTAC, donated 3.5 million NT dollars to vulnerable groups of Tainan city. Meanwhile, all of the employees contributed money donation to support this activity.


    After finished the ceremony, "Home Help Center Consolation", "Poverty Alleviation Consolation" and "Community Work Service" carried on at the same time. AirTAC prepared the supplies such as rice, can and noodles for children and elders living in Southern Tainan Home Help Center and Southern XinDu rest home. Besides, employees were also organized games (eg. paper-cut and Chinese Chess) to accompany those elders. On the other sides, 105 employees gave 200 needy families consolation money, goods and materials, New Year’s greeting as well in YuJing and Nanhua area of Tainan City.


    The rest of 300 employees attended the Community Work Service, cleaned surroundings and beach in AnPing area of Tainan city respectively. All of them sweat to restore the natural beauty for the earth.


    AirTAC’s public welfare charity, leading by Chairman Wang, gives each participation colleagues the chance to experience and learn. We hope there are more and more love and care in society by our activities; furthermore, we expect AirTAC people can inherit the love and care, expand the charity team continuously, and keep the kind and love sun shines the earth.