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  • The 2016 Sales Conference of AirTAC(China) Co., LTD Successfully Convened
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  • At the very moment of stepping from 2016 to 2017, the 2016 Sales Conference of AirTAC(China) Co., LTD has convened in Seoul, Korea. There were approximately 300 people attended the conference, including AirTAC International Group’s chairman Wang Shizhong, AirTAC International Group’s CEO Lin Jiangdi, General Manager of AirTAC China managing division Li Huaiwen, along with several senior managers and business executives.


    In 2016, it was very difficult for Chinese manufacturing industry, but AirTAC’s employees took their efforts to break through the full-year revenue record again. Thus, company’s leadership planned this overseas’ conference to encourage their hard working, During the meeting, four regional sales general manager made a presentation respectively at the first, General Manager of AirTAC China managing division Li Huaiwen made a presentation for the 2016 annual work summary and the 2017 annual sales target thereafter. Moreover, Chairman Wang acknowledged sales contribution of AirTAC(China) Co., LTD, present an award to advanced team, pointed out the direction of the sales system as well. Last but not least, he also expected the sales group making the higher achievement in 2017.


    After the conference, the company arranged a wonderful tour for them. They visited South Korea’s main tourist attractions, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, The Blue House, The National Folk Museum, Dorasan prospect, Lotte World. Besides, they also watched the must-see show named The Painters Hero and tasted the amazing local food as well. These arrangements not only allowed them to relax after work, but ensured a great success of this conference.