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  • “AirTAC Warmness Delivery in Winter 2016” Start Again in Liangshan, Sichuan Province
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  • On December 9 to 10, 2016, Ms. Kaili Deng from AirTAC Charity Foundation, along with the officers from local anti-poverty office, visited Xide County, which is a National-level poor county in Sichuan Province, including Zhadu Village and Wahe Village. As these two villages both lie at an elevation of 2,400 meters above sea level, the transport there is extremely poor, so as the land condition. Also, the frequent natural disaster is a serious problem for the local villagers to live. In consequence, the average annual income of the villagers in Xide County is lower than 2,700 RMB.


    This event was held both in Zhadu Village and Wahe Village, providing totally over ¥500,000 worth of suppliers (e.g. rice, fertilizer, quilts and cooking oil) to 1,854 Yi people from 488 families. Warmness was brought to the villagers in this cold winter to help them celebrate Chinese New Year happily and peacefully.


    Local villagers gathered spontaneously very early in the morning on that day to welcome the AirTAC group. When those traditional red envelopes which contained supplier coupons were allocated to the villagers, smiles of happiness appeared on their weathered faces and spread among them rapidly. A lift of the finger for us, produce a huge support for them.


    Warmness delivery event has been held multiple times by AirTAC and covered most villages in Xide County since 2007. In addition, we are fully understand that temporary aid could only overcome temporary difficulties for them, as an old Chinese saying told that “Teach a man to fish is better than giving a fish”. Therefore, for years, Mr. Shizhong Wang, the chairman of AirTAC International Group, invest heavily in building roads and bridges, even villages, in order to help Xide County get rid of poverty. We sincerely hope that one day, with the aid of government, society and themselves, Xide Village can shake off poverty and become prosperous as soon as possible.