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  • The First AirTAC’s Fun Games Successfully Completed
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  • In order to strengthen the enterprise’s culture construction, enrich the employees’ extra-curricular life, the Fun Games held by AirTAC Ningbo, Fenghua Federation of Trade Unions and General Union of Fenghua Economic Development Zone, opened the curtain at eight in the morning on October 16th.


    This activity is divided into fun event and tug of war, a total of 85 teams in the competition. Among them fun project competition 62 teams, 23 teams tug of war, the total number of about 1600 employees.


    Fun event set nine projects, which is a blend of team collaboration and individual competitive breakthrough wisdom. After preliminary and final rounds of fierce competition.20 teams stand out in the preliminaries in the semi-final. Eventually the "Prehistorical Powers Team" won the championship, "Suns Team" and "Flying Tigers " runner-up, "Super Warriors Team", "V Smile Team", "Lightning league Team" won the bronze.


    Tug of war on the other side tests team collaboration and physical strengths, most of them demonstrated strategic, tactical, wisdom and physical compete. After certain rounds of the stalemate, "Popeye Team” won the championship, "Elite Sticker Team" runner-up, "Friendship Team" won the bronze, "Winning Team" won the special prize.


    By this activity, we are not only brought happiness of movement to the employees, but also released the pressure of work, reduced the distance between the employees and improve the team cohesion. In a word, the event was a great success.


    Photo playback


    1.Money Rolling


    2.Super Trails


    3.The Hare and the Tortoise


    4.Dry land Dragon Boat


    5.Walking Together


    6.Trading Places


    7.Obstacle Race


    8.Finger pressure jump rope


    9.All the stars twinkle around the moon


    10.Bamboo raft crossing


    11.Tug of War


    12.Athletes admission


    13.The general manager of speech


    14.Award ceremony 1


    15.Award ceremony 2