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  • The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Expansion Project in New Plant of The Ningbo AirTAC Grandly opening
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  • At 08:58 am, 21st of July, 2016, the Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co, Ltd (following as abbreviation of Ningbo AirTAC) “Newly increased 10 million sets per year of precise pneumatic component”The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Expansion Project was grandly held, in the Nandu Road New Plant, Economic Development Area, Fenghua City. The Ceremony was host by Fenghua city’s vice mayor Du Zhongquan, and Ningbo’s vice mayor Chen Zhongchao, Fenghua Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang wenjie, Director of the Standing Committee of Fenghua Zhou Tao, AirTAC Internatonal Group’s chairman Wang Shizhong, Ningbo AirTAC’s vice chairman Wang Haiming, Fenghua government leaders Zhou Yuaner(lady), Lin Pinghai and other leaders were aslo present.


    In Spot, the Chairman Wang made a presentation and introduced the new plant’s project. The plant covers about 167 thousand square meters, and the overall floorage is up to 172 thousand square meters. 1.5 billion yuan is going to put in the investment, which is divided into two periods. In first stage the company will mainly produce precise pneumatic component. And in second stage coordinate robot is mainly engaged. The whole project will be finished and start operation in 2020. It is expected that the enterprise’s annual revenue should be around 2 billion yuan, and the tax paid should be about 230 million yuan.


    At the same time, the Secretary Zhang Wenjie made a speech: This opening ceremony stands for making a solid step towards the strong ambition on enterprise’s prosperous target. It witnesses the sincere operation between the government and company. I hope that the company will obtain further development on this new start point, strive for the target ”become the top-ranking company, make first grade production, and create first class profits in the industry, ”unceasingly contribute to Fenghua industrial economic growth.


    At the last, Ningbo vice mayor Chen Zhongchao announced the groundbreaking of the project,with the engineering van siren hooting, the celebrating flames firing, all the guests and the AirTAC’s colleagues applauding enthusiastically. The leaders and guests present in ceremony laid a foundation for groundbreaking. At this point, Ningbo AirTAC’s new plant expansion project had officially launched.