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  • Ningbo Acting Mayor Tang Yijun Investigated and surveyed in NingBo AirTAC Factory
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  • At 9:00 am, 13th of July,2016, Ningbo Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party of Committee, Acting Mayor Tang Yijun, accompanied with Fenghua municipal Party of Committee Secretary Zhang Wenjie, Fenghua Mayor GaoHaomeng, investigated and surveyed around Ningbo automatic industrial Co, Ltd(following as abbreviation of Ningbo AirTAC). Ningbo AirTAC vice-chairman Wang Haiming received the distinguished guests.


    During the visit, the vice-chairman Wang Haiming escorted the Mayor Tang to the production exhibition hall, the 20th production department in Ningbo AirTAC. And Wang made an introduction to Tang on the state of company’s operation, talent team construction, machine substitution input and acquired benefit,etc.


    The Mayor Tang hoped and encouraged the company to strengthen the innovation, seize opportunity to transforming and upgrading, and obtain better development.