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  • On 16 October 2015, at the Novotel, was held the traditional meeting with distributors ATC (Italy) srl.


    Next to "storical" distributors that have contributed and are contributing to the growth of Airtac in Europe, sat many new faces, a sign of growth and renewal of the customers of the group.


    The meeting was simultaneously translated into the official languages of the group, (Chinese, English, German, Italian), and offered an overview of the development of the group, thanks to the intervention of the CEO Mr. Lin, proceeding from the universal, namely the headquarter and the newly founded Tainan branch, new headquarters of R&D for product development of automation and logistics hub, to the particular, namely ATC.


    The presentation of the reality of ATC by its GM Marco Fiorentino Biraghi, was divided into an analysis of the development of the turnover as part of a project that included hiring of specialized staff for technical and sales support, as well as reduction of production leadtime time by increasing inventory and shipping procedures, as well as purchase of automated warehouses in line with the ERP system.


    A look into near future was addressed both towards branding and advertising campaign for 2016, that relies on tools offered by the network, such as retargeting, dem and webinar, as well as on the the development of new products, for which the resp. R & D Tainan Liu Chia-Pin, offered a presentation and discussion with distributors to the improvement of ongoing projects.