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  • 2015 Hannover Messe’s exhibition will mark up the newfound strength of AIRTAC brand throughout the world.


    Our European branch office, ATC (Italia), and its staff had the opportunity of make connections with a whole new kind of customers, not only from the continent, but also from Africa and the Middle East. This event lit up new market chances to our brand, which in the last few years challenged the best European companies in this branch, and even these professional showed their utmost respect of our products with several visits to our stand.


    The focus of this exhibition was to meet new macro-distributors to supply regions of Europe yet to be reached by our products, and this purpose was achieved since several European groups paid us a visit and showed interest in the beginning of a collaboration.


    Our new products received a positive and warm feedback from both customers and press (ref. to Fluid, April 2015), highlighting Airtac’s products continuous improvement as to fulfill the requests of the market.


    Next is LignaMesse’s exhibition, from May 11th to May 15th, during which ATC will face off the challenge issued by woodworking machinery manufacturers.