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  • 2014 Annual Distributor Conference of AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd.
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  • From Jan. 9th to 11th 2015, annual distributor conference of AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd. had proceeded successfully. Chairman of AirTAC International Group, Wang, Shih-Chung, general manager of AirTAC Subordinate Companies in Mainland China, Li, Huai-Wen and deputy executive general manager of AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd., Xu, Guan-Hua, with more than 50 AirTAC distributors had attended the event.


    In order to strengthen the cooperation between AirTAC and distributors, with AirTAC’s core value “people oriented, profit sharing, common development and undertaking responsibilities”, AirTAC has proposed series of awarding policies and given a clear vision of future development which has encouraged the distributors and raised their positiveness and loyalty to the brand.


    Meanwhile, the conference has also enhanced communication and information exchange between AirTAC and distributors, expecting a better development in promoting AirTAC product in China by higher work efficiency among AirTAC and distributors.


    The distributors had also visited the manufacture base of AirTAC in Ningbo, understanding the production technique and process. The 3-day annual distributor conference of AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd. has ended successfully.