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  • Factory Tour in AirTAC Guangdong New Plant
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  • On August 16, 2014, more than 100 staff from Taiwan subsidiaries of AirTAC International Group (AirTAC International Group Taiwan Branch and AirTAC Industrial Co., Ltd.) visited Guangdong AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AirTAC Guangdong”).


    Mr. Huang Yao-Te, Assistant General Manager of AirTAC Guangdong introduced the plan of AirTAC Guangdong new plant and the status of the second phase construction. Visitors from AirTAC Taiwan subsidiaries learned more about the manufacturing procedure and process of AirTAC products through a workshop tour and they were impressed by the bright, wide, and comfortable office on the 5th floor as well as the beautiful garden on the roof.


    Members of AirTAC Taiwan subsidiaries experienced the core value of “People Orient, Profit Sharing, Undertaking Responsibilities, and Common Development” during the visiting and communication in AirTAC Guangdong.