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  • AirTAC International Group (hereinafter referred to as the Company), with its headquarter located in Taiwan and established in 1988, has been developing its own brand “亚德客AirTAC” and growing steadily led by Chairman Mr. Wang Shih-Chung. “亚德客AirTAC” products are sold not only across the Greater China Region, but also in the EU, the United States, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and South America markets, which are recognized by both domestic and overseas customers. “亚德客AirTAC” was accreditated as “Famous Trademark in Zhejiang Province” and “Well-known Trademark in China” in May, 2012. In addition, “亚德客AirTAC” products are recognized as “Famous Products in Zhejiang Province”.


    The Company undertakes to continuously make progresses in brand building and quality improvement to meet customers’ requirements. In view of counterfeiting of AirTAC brand has repeatedly been discovered in the market, the Company hereby makes a statement as follows and wishes your cooperation on reducing and fighting against counterfeits.


    1. The Company has five production bases: Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd. located in Ningbo, Guangdong AirTC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd. located in Foshan (i.e. former Guangdong AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd. located in Guangzhou), AirTAC Industrial Co., Ltd. located in Xinpei, Taiwan and AirTAC International Group Taiwan Branch located in Tainan, Taiwan. Products manufactured by any other company are counterfeits.


    2. The Company has only one sales center in Mainland China, i.e. AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd. located in No. 1, Siming East Road, High Tech Area of Fenghua City, Zhejiang, China, which has 62 sales branches and 5 sales offices across Mainland China. “亚德客AirTAC” products in the market of Mainland China are sold by AirTAC (China) Co., Ltd. as well as its sales branches and authorized distributors. AirTAC sales hotline in Mainland China is 400-1088-999 or 0574-88989999.


    3. The Company has established overseas sales branches in Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia: ATC (ITALIA) S.R.L., AirTAC Co., Ltd., AirTAC International (Singapore) Pte., Ltd., and AirTAC Industrial (Malaysia) SDN., BHD., respectively.


    4. “亚德客AirTAC” was registered and solely owned by Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd. Currently, Guangdong AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd. is authorized by Ningbo AirTAC Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd. to use the trademark. In Mainland China, any other third Party is not allowed to use “亚德客AirTAC” or will be considered trademark infringement.


    5. The Company’s official website is www.airtac.com (as well as related websites: www.airtac.com.cn, www.airtac.tw, www.airtac.hk, www.airtac.jp). Any other website displaying the same or similar identification with “亚德客” or “AirTAC” has no connection to the Company and the products displayed are not “亚德客AirTAC” qualified products.


    AirTAC International Group is dedicated in protecting intellectual property and insists on struggling against any trademark infringement by adopting legal measures to maintain the benefit of all the customers and the brand image of “亚德客AirTAC”.


    The Company will release further statement if there’s any update on the information hereinbefore.

    AirTAC International Group

    October 1, 2014