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  • Important resolutions of 2014 shareholders' meeting.
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  • Company code: 1590
    No: 1
    Subject: Significant resolutions of 2014 shareholders' meeting To which item it meets--article 2 paragraph xx:18.
    Date of events: 2014/05/14
    Contents: 1.Date of events:2014/05/29
    2.Important resolutions:
    (1) Matters to Report:
    a. 2013 operation and business report.
    b. 2013 audit committee’s audit report.
    (2) Matters to be Ratified:
    a.The Company’s operation and business report and consolidated financial
    b. The Company’s earnings distribution for the year 2013.
    (3) Matters for discussion:
    a. The amendments to the Company’s "Guidelines for Acquisition and Disposal of Assets".
    b. The amendments to “Guideline for Engaging in Derivatives Transactions” of the Company.
    3.Endorsement of the annual financial statements
    (indicate “yes” or “no”):yes
    4.Any other matters that need to be specified: None.