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    Wang Shih-Chung

    Chairman & GM of Airtac International Group

    Lan Shun-Cheng

    Vice Chairman of Airtac Industrial Co. Ltd.

    Wang Hai-Ming

    Vice Chairman of Ningbo Airtac Automatic Industrial Co., Ltd

    Li Huai-Wen

    Vice GM of Airtac International Group

    GM of mainland china business group, Airtac International Group

    Chen Jui Lung

    GM of Guang Yang Industrial Works

    Tsao Yung-Hsiang

    CFO of Airtac International Group

    Leong Kam-Son

    Director and Partner of HLL Partners

    Renn Jyh Chyang

    Consultant of Taiwan Fluid Power Association

    Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

    Lin Yu Ya

    Partner Accountant of Pey-Sheng CPAs Firm


    Multiple composition of board of directors and condition


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    Capability of Accounting & Finance Judgement

    Capability of Management

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    Capability of leadership

    Capability of decision making


    Wang, Shih-Chung



    Lan, Shun-Cheng






    Wang, Hai-Ming






    Li, Huai-Wei





    Tsao, Yung-Hsiang






    Chen, Jui-Lung







    Independent Director

    Leong Kam-Son






    Independent Director

    Renn, Jyh-Chyang








    Independent Director

    Lin, Yu-Ya








    The Company’s Board is made up of 9 directors (including 3 independent directors) including 1 female Board member. Directors are elected by shareholders meeting as required by the Company Act and the Articles of Incorporation. The term of office is 3 years. Among the directors, 3 directors are aged 31-50, accounting for 33.33%; 5 directors are aged 51-60, accounting for 55.55%; 1 director is aged 61 above(inclusive) accounting for 11.12%.


    Succession Planning and Implementation of Members of the Board of Directors

    The Company has established a comprehensive system for the selection of directors with consideration to the configuration and diversity standards of the Board. The appointment procedures for the entirety of directors, in addition to being based in fairness, transparency, and equality, must also comply with the Company's Articles of Incorporation, Rules Governing the Election of the Directors, and Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles. The Company will select board members based on professional and industrial background, field of expertise, and practical experience to ensure that their knowledge, skill, and competence are adequate for executing the duties of a director.

    The succession planning of the Company's directors must comply with laws and regulations in addition to the Company’s development and its mid- to long-term strategic goals. Candidates will be recruited based on the standards of professional knowledge, expertise, experience, gender, and diverse backgrounds, as well as their independence, as required for the Board of Directors. In addition to possessing diverse professional knowledge, expertise (such as law, accounting, industry, finance, marketing, or technology), and industry experience, succession candidates must possess abilities such as operational judgment, ability for actuarial and financial analysis, executive management (including the operations and management of subsidiaries), crisis management, industry knowledge, global market perspective, leadership, and decision-making. Candidates must have the ability to comprehensively achieve the Board of Directors' decision-making and supervisory functions, thereby achieving the Company's operational goals and stable mid- to long-term growth strategy in addition to improving corporate governance as well as knowledge and ability in risk management.

    Performance evaluations will be conducted annually for directors of the Company; senior managerial officers will also be evaluated on performance targets that may be used as reference in the future selection of successors to the Board of Directors.